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ECN E-BULLETIN No. 07_2021
5 July 2021
Only 48 days to go and we will welcome you in Ghent for opening the 2nd ISHS International Symposium on Growing Media, Soilless Cultivation, and Compost Utilization in Horticulture. GrowingMedia2021 will be organised by ILVO, Ghent University and Hasselt University and in cooperation with The European Compost Network as a hybrid conference.
GrowingMedia2021 presents 5 keynote speakers, 45 oral and 26 poster presentations, all related to the following research areas:
  • Growing media and sustainable use of resources
  • The microbiome of growing media and integrated disease and pest control
  • Soilless cultivation: added value of innovations for water and nutrient use efficiency
  • Biochar and compost in horticulture and carbon storage potential
Please find the full programme here.

1-Day Registration is open now!

GrowingMedia2021 Online Industry and Policy Day

On 26 August 2021 an online Industry and Policy Day from 8:30 h until 17:00 h will take place. Due to the restricted amount of present participants, we offer a 1-Day registration for taking part online in the industry and policy-related sessions of the conference.

The day will start with a keynote on 'Biochar as an additive in composting', followed by the session on 'Growing media and sustainable use of resources'. A dedicated 'Peat-related workshop' organised by the International Peatland Society will take place before the lunch break.

The afternoon will start with with the policy-related workshop on the 'EU Fertilising Products Regulation - Opportunities and Challenges to place Growing Media and Soil Improvers on teh Eureopan Market' organised by ECN and Growing Media Europe. We are happy to announce that Mr Jérémy Pinte of DG GROW (European Commission) will introduce the 'Requirements for growing media and soil improvers based on compost and digestate under the new EU Fertilising Product Regulation'. The policy workshop willl end with a panel discussion between the representatives from the industry and the Commission.

Before the conference will be closed with a 'Final summary & conclusions and the award ceremonies' a second session on 'Growing media and sustainable use of resources' giving an overview from abroad will take place in the afternoon.

Please find the full programme of the 'GrowingMedia2021 Online Industry and Policy Day' here.

We hope, that we have raised your interest and please register here!
23/09/2021 Austria

Austrian Compost & Biogas Association

7th International Practitioners Day for Composting

The 7th International Practitioners Day for Composting will take place on 23rd September 2021 in Langenlois/NÖ (AT) organised by the Austrian Compost & Biogas Associaton.
The full programme in englsich is available here.
Please register here.
22/09/2021 Vienna (AT)

ECN Annual meeting 2021

The ECN Annual Meeting 2021 will take place in conjunction with the 7th International Practitioners Day for Composting on 22 September 2021 in Vienna as a face-to-face meeting.

We are happy to announce that we have gained two key speakers for opening the Annual meeting 2021:
  • Min.Rat Mag. Dr. Susanna Schragner from the Austrian Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism (BMNT) will present us the state of play on 'Bio-waste Management in Austria and the new Austrian Compost Ordinance', and
  • DI Wojciech Rogalski from the Waste Departement 'MA48' of the City of Vienna will present the 'Separate collection and bio-waste management of the City of Vienna'.
Visit Tour to the composting plant Lobau
In addition, we will organise in cooperation with the Austrian Compost & Biogas Association 'KBVÖ' a site visit to the composting plant Lobau in the morning of 22 September 2021.
04-07 October 2021, Greece

ISWA World Congress 2021

The ISWA World Congress 2021 will be the event’s 31st edition, and it is expected to attract delegates from across the globe.

The congress will be based on a scientific programme which will be focusing on “From waste management to circular economy – The road ahead”. Circular economy is a central pillar of new policies interconnected also with climate change mitigation policies. New waves of legislation and regulations are expected to stimulate serious changes within the coming years regarding the transition from linear economy and waste management to a circular economy at a global level promoting zero waste production and resource efficiency as well as climate change mitigation.
The congress will focus on this transition and the changes required, overcoming obstacles, on our daily practices, infrastructure in recycling and recovery, regulatory aspects, funding mechanisms, society acceptance, as well as to the design of our cities.
The Congress delegates will include waste professionals, industrialists, policy makers at all levels from around the globe, top executives and decision makers, researchers and entrepreneurs, and government personnel specialising in the field of solid waste management.
Further Information here.
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