BVOR-Demodagen 2019

Outdoor Machinery Exhibition for Bio-waste in the Netherlands

The ‘BVOR-Demodagen’ will take place at Wednesday 5th and Thurday 6th of June 2019 at the compost plant from Bruins & Kwast Biomass Management in Goor, close to the German border. Every two years, the BVOR (Dutch Association of Bio Waste Processors) organises the BVOR-Demodagen at one of the plants of their members. In 2019 is the 12th edition of this successful event. The Demodagen are free accessible for visitors.

During the exhibition companies and organizations demonstrate machines and services for companies which make compost or biomass out of bio-waste. Almost 40 machines are demonstrating their abilities. Shredders, chippers, windshifters, turnover machines, screening machines can be seen in action. In the morning and afternoon there are organised tours along the machines (in Dutch).
Inside there is also more information from different exhibitors. Next to the companies with the machinery there are organisations which have a link to the world of bio-waste, e.g. consultancies, governmental organisations, weighing systems, certification.

Organisation: BVOR – Dutch Association of Bio Waste Processors
The BVOR represents the majority of licensed bio waste processing facilities in the Netherlands, including composting plants, anaerobic digestion plants, and production of feed stocks for bio-energy plants. The BVOR has approximately 50 members, representing 82 bio waste processing locations throughout the country. BVOR members all together process more than 1.6 million tonnes of bio waste/annum.

More information on the Demodagen can be found here.