ECN Session at the Nordic Biogas Conference 2019 in Oslo

Biofertilizer / Digestate: Securing the Whole Value Chain

On the occasion of the 7th Nordic Biogas Conference, which took place from 9 to 11 April 2019 in Oslo, the European Compost Network (ECN) organised the session on ‘Biofertilizer/Digestate: Securing the whole value chain - How to turn digestate from a cost to an asset?’.

Stefanie Siebert, Executive Director of the European Compost Network introduced the session by giving an overview on  digestate production from bio-waste, the impact of the new European Fertilising Regulation and the role of quality assurance in Europe.


Florian Strippel, Fachverband Biogas, introduced the characteristics, application possibilities and current markets of liquid or solid fraction of digestate.


Caroline Steinwig, Avfall Sverige, talked about the Swedish QAS “Certified Re-use” and current production of digestate in Sweden.



Alberto Confalionieri, Italian Composting and Biogas Association, presented the current situation regarding the quality, the collection and treatment of bio-waste in Italy.


Overall the session gave a good overview about the state of the art of different anaerobic digestion techniques for using digestate in a sustainable way.

The report of the ECN session can be accessed here and all presentations can be downloaded here.