The Finnish Biocycle and Biogas Association

LARA Laaturavinnehanke - Finnish Quality Assurance System for Recycled Nutrient Products published

At the annual meeting of the Finnish Association for Biological Waste Treatment (Biolaitosyhdistys), a couple of weeks ago, Juha Pirkkamaa (to the left), the Project Operator, was awarded by ‘The Gold Medal for Life’s Work’ from the Finnish Chamber of Commerce, given by the chairman Christoph Gareis (to the right) of Biolaitosyhdistys. During his time as Project Operator of Biolaitosyhdistys, Juha Pirkkamaa, has initiated the development of the Finnish Quality Assurance System for recycled nutrient products.

The project aims to create a quality system and quality label for fertiliser products, which have been processed from recycled materials in biogas and composting plants or other similar processing plants.

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