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Podcast series from is dedicated to packaging an unprecedented online learning platform for local governments, agriculture and businesses in effort to bring their influencers up to speed on the subject matter.

The Organic Stream is a weekly podcast series where experts and key figures in the recycling sphere share stories from the field. A new episode of the audio podcast series  ‘The Organic Stream’ is released in which an expert (E. Favoino) talks about the separate collection program currently being rolled out in Milan for organics. Here are the links:



9th International Scientific Conference ORBIT

„New challenges, new responses in the 21st Century”

in Gödöllő, Hungary, 26-28, June, 2014.

The conference is organized by Szent István University (Gödöllő) and the Hungarian Quality Compost Association in co-operation with the European Compost Network e.V. (ECN). It aims to encompass several aspects and offer opportunity to explore many current and relevant issues of organic resources and biological treatment, included compost, biochar, digestate sciences and applications. It provides an interactive forum for exchange of ideas and joint discussions on recent scientific and practical results and current issues related to technological processes, analysis and characterization, sustainable uses and certification, regulation and marketing aspects.

According to the great interest in our conference, the abstract submission deadline will be extended to the 31st of March, 2014.

more information


ECN/PIGO Biowaste Seminar ‘Implementation of Organic Waste Management in Europe – EU policy strategies and national developments’

In co-operation with the Polish Waste Management Association ‘PIGO’  the ECN/PIGO Biowaste Seminar 2013 ‘Implementation of Organic Waste Management in Europe – EU policy strategies an national developments’ was held on the 8th October 2013 in Poznan, Polen.

The seminar was kindly sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and supported by DG Environment of the EU Commission.

65 people from the following countries attended the workshop:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain.


Please find the final programme and the presentations for download here.



Memorandum on Bio-waste Management sent to EU Commissioner Janez Potočnik

130710_ECN_MemorandumThe European Compost Network ECN together with the European Environmental Bureau EEB has been calling for urgent actions by the EU Commission to settle regulatory measures to support effectively sustainable Bio-waste Management in all European Member States. ECN and EEB sent a ‘Memorandum on Bio-waste’ to the EU Commissioner Janez Potočnik for asking to strengthen the work of the EU Commission to develop a consistent strategy and policy framework for the management of bio-waste in Europe.

The ECN/EEB ‘Memorandum on bio-waste’ could be downloaded here.


ECN Good Practice Guide on ABPR Published

20130627_abpr_guide_deckblatt-001ECN has published a Good Practice Guide on ‘How to Comply with the EU Animal By-Products Regulations at Composting and Anaerobic Digestion Plants’. Written by Florian Amlinger and Line Diana Blytt, and edited by Dr Jane Gilbert and Dr Stefanie Siebert, it sets out the key provisions required at composting and anaerobic digestion plants, describing how the Regulation can be proportionately and accurately implemented.

The Guide is aimed at plant operators, consultants, providers of technology and authorities, providing information and guidance, and is intended to make it easier to comprehend the structure and content of the specific obligations. It also sets out possible relaxations and exemptions for the processing of animal by-products in composting and anaerobic digestion plants, without increasing risks to animal or public health or the environment. Details of some of the ways in which selected Member States have implemented the ABPR for composting and anaerobic digestion and to what extent they have made use of the possibility to apply national rules for certain animal by-products, are detailed in the appendices.

A copy of the Guide can be obtained from the member’s part of the ECN website or can be ordered by sending an email to



3rd International Practitioner Day Compost

The Austrian Compost & Biogas Association invites to the compost industry exhibition to Grafenstein (Carinthia). There will be presented innovations, set up trends and visions will be discussed.


In Austria, currently almost 460 compost plants transfer about 1 million of biogenic wastes to the high quality product compost. The development of new technologies through innovative partnerships between plant operators and technic engineers has enabled the progress in the area of composting.

Whether mobile machines for crushing biomass, newest techniques in the area of converters, strainers, measuring and controlling, as well as manipulating and transporting will be presented to an international audience. Please have a look at our last event at:

Over 1000 visitors, from farmers to large-scale plant operators, are expected. All relevant companies will present their technologies. This exhibition is the most important event for compost producers and the compost industrie.

19th September 2013, start at 9 o’clock.
At the area of the compost plant Grafenstein (46.642, 14.487)
A-9131 Grafenstein
You will find the program under: shortly.


Seminar Biowaste Sofia2013

The implementation of sustainable biowaste management is currently one of the big challenges e.g. for Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern European countries. Support with knowledge and expertise is required for developing a consistent policy and the regulatory framework and implementation tools need to be provided to local authorities for fulfilling the regulation of the EU Landfill Directive. This was the reason for our international Seminar “Implementation of Organic Waste Management in Southern and Eastern European Countries – Status, Challenges and Solutions” in, Sofia, Bulgaria.

The very successful seminar  with 25 presentations and 170 participants from 24 Countries including the ECN workshops was a good opportunity for policy makers, authorities, environmental, waste and agricultural experts to network about successful management of biowaste, best practice and policy measures in the organic waste sector of Member States.

The presentations are now available for download as pdf from the Seminar website



European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform

At ESPC 2013, the European Phosphorus Platform was launched. Over 150 organisations already signed the joint declaration with the outlines of the platform, which will be directly connected to the European Innovation Partnerships on Raw Materials, Water and Sustainable Agriculture and the research and innovation agendas of Horizon 2020.

The Phosphorus Challenge

Phosphorus is essential for life on earth. Phosphorus is needed for fertilizers, we use for feed and food. For our food security and avoiding environmental damage, it is urgent that we take action with efficient use, more recycling and smart cooperation.
For phosphorus, Europe depends on only a few exporting countries. Supplies are finite and there is no guarantee how much raw phosphorus will come to Europe; and to what price! At the same time we waste a lot of phosphorus in the food chain.
For a 2,5 minute explanation of ‘the Phosphorus Challenge’ please watch and share the animated film as youtube-video or on


ECN chaired the Round table on Recycling from Organic waste

The Europaen Compost Network (ECN) and the Flemish public waste organisation (OVAM) helped co-ordinate two interactive round table sessions on ‘Recycling P from Organic Waste’ on day one of the 1st European Phosphorus Conference. Two sessions were held, which were led by Dr Stefanie Siebert (ECN), Dr Adrie Veeken (Attero, NL) and Nico Vanaken (OVAM, BE). read more....


EU Commissioner Janez Potočnik announced the Consultation on Biowaste Targets

Organised by the Dutch Nutrient Platform, the 1st European Sustainable Phosphorus Conference (ESPC2013) was held on the 6 and 7 March 2013, at the Square, Brussels.  It brought together over 300 delegates from businesses, academia, NGOs, member states and the European Union to discuss the issues surrounding better phosphorous management.

Over the two-day conference, delegates heard presentations from politicians, nutrient experts as well as representatives from fertiliser companies. Overall, the key themes centred on using less, recycling more and co-operation between parties.

Environment Commissioner Dr Janez Potočnik, as key speaker of the second day, stressed the need for improving agricultural efficiency, improving the processing of manure so that it can be transported away from areas of P over supply (such as the Netherlands and Belgium) and phasing out the use of landfill to encourage the recovery of P from biodegradable waste.

The issue of more effective biowaste management was raised a number of times. Answering a question raised by ECN, EU Commissioner Potočnik indicated that targets for biowaste recycling may be developed during 2013. He expects that a public consultation will begin this year, with a draft report proposed for 2014.

The speech of EU Environmental Commissioner, Dr. Janez Potočnik, can be downloaded here.


ECN Annual Meeting 2013

The ECN Annual Meeting took place on the 5th March 2013 in Brussels. 33 Members were present at the meeting. A new ECN Board was elected for the election period 2013-2014.

The presentation of the Annual meeting 2013 and the presentation of the key speaker Eric Liegeois from DG Enterprise and Industry on the revision of the EU Fertiliser Regulation can be downloaded in the ECN Members area/ Annual meetings.

ECN Board Members 2013-2014
Board Members Organisation/Company/Institution Country
Florian Amlinger ARGE Kompost & Biogas Austria Austria
Kristel Vandenbroek VLACO – Flemisch Compost Association Belgium
Grigor Stoyanov Ministry of Environment of Bulgaria Bulgaria
Mait Kriipsalu Estonian University of Life Science Estonia
Aloys Oechtering RETERRA Service GmbH Germany
Percy Foster CRÉ Composting and Biogas Association of Ireland Ireland
Massimo Centemero CIC Composting and Biogas Association of Italy Italy
John van Haeff Dutch Waste Management Association Netherlands
Henrik Lystad Avfall Norge, Waste Management Association of Norway Norway

Internat. Seminar “Implementation Biowaste Management”

Seminar – Workshop – Exhibition (17 – 19 April 2013)

“Implementation of Organic Waste Management in Southern and Eastern European Countries” – Status, challenges and solutions -

Biowaste Sofia2013 will present and discuss the current efforts in setting the strategic and regulatory framework for viable solutions for organic waste recycling and its national implementation. The conference is organised by ECN, ISWA and the Ministry of Environment and Water of Bulgaria.

more information


ECN Annual Meeting 2013

ECN’s Annual Meeting will be held on the 5th March 2013 in Brussels (Belgium).
The Annual Meeting is scheduled to take place between 14:00 and 18:00 h in the Renaissance Brussels Hotel followed by a common ECN dinner in the dining room of the hotel.

This year our Annual Meeting will be connected to the 1st European Sustainable Phosphorus Conference (ESPC2013), which will be held on the 6th and 7th March 2013 in the conference centre Square Brussels (Brussels City).
Please note that the conference is free of charge, but is limited to 250 participants; pre-registration for ESPC2013 is now open!


Living well

The European Commission has proposed a new Environment Action Programme for the EU. Entitled “Living well, within the limits of our planet”, it will guide environment policy up to 2020. The proposal aims to enhance Europe’s ecological resilience and turn the EU into a resource-efficient, green and competitive low-carbon economy. As priority objective the EU shall ensure by 2020 that waste is safely managed as a resource, waste generated per capita is in absolute decline, energy recovery is limited to non-recyclable materials and landfilling of recyclable and compostable materials is effectively eradicated.



ECN Working Group Meeting “Integrated Waste Management”

The first meeting of the ECN Working Group “Integrated Waste Management” is kindly hosted by CIC Consorzio Italiano Compostatori in its technical office in Cavenago Brianza in Italy. Cavenago Brianza is placed between Milan and Bergamo.

The meeting is scheduled from 11:00 to 16:00 h on the 14th December 2012.

The agenda can be downloaded here.


ECN objects the 3rd Technical Report on EoW for Compost and Digestate

The JRC-ITPS has published the “3rd Technical Report on End-Of-Waste Criteria on Biodegradable Waste subject to Biological Treatment on the 10th August 2012”.

The third working document includes some fundamental changes in respect to allow mixed municipal solid waste and sewage sludge as input materials for EoW compost and digestate.

ECN objects strongly to the proposal of JRC-IPTS to allow mixed MSW and sewage sludge to be permitted feedstocks.

The final ECN Position Statement on the 3rd technical report on EoW for compost and digestate can be downloaded here.


ECN Workshop 2012


From Waste to Product – Sustainable Management of Organic Resources in Europe

The ECN Workshop 2012 “From Waste to Product – Sustainable Management of Organic Resources in Europe” was held sucessfully on the 13th June 2012 during the 8th International Conference ORBIT2012 in Rennes.

The ECN Workshop 2012 focussed on the current European strategies and policies towards a “Recycling Society” including a sustainable management of organic resources in Europe. As keynote speaker Hans Saveyn from the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) in Seville presented the current status of the initiative of the European Commission to set up End-of-Waste criteria for compost and digestate. Further different strategies on the management of biowaste and effective marketing solutions for organic resources in Europe were presented.

The ECN Workshop programme and all presentations of the ECN workshop can be downloaded here.


ECN Flyer

New ECN Flyer is available

According to the updated ECN Mission and Vision the ECN Flyer has been renewed.

ECN Members are kindly asked to order the new ECN Flyer for advertising purposes (e.g. conferences, workshops, seminars etc.)



Please send an email to

The ECN Flyer can be downloaded here.


New Study of the EU Commission on Implementing EU Waste Legislation for Green Growth

The European Commission has published a new study on the implementation on EU Waste legislation. This study contains an in-depth analysis of the effects of proper implementation and enforcement of EU waste legislation, both in terms of the economic, social and environmental benefits of implementing EU waste legislation as well as through a number of specific case studies in Cyprus, Germany, Ireland, Italy and the Netherlands. The study also describes the necessary tasks to be carried out in order to overcome current implementation barriers and includes a number of options on how to deal with these tasks.

Final report


ECN Annual Report 2011

The European Compost Network has published the Annual report 2011. Besides the information about the constitution of the network, the new elected ECN Board information of the ECNs work in 2011 is given.

The ECN Annual Report 2011 can be downloaded here.


ECN – New Office Address

With the beginning of 2012 the office of the European Compost Network moved from Oelde to Bochum. Ms Stefanie Siebert is nominated as Executive Director of the European Compost Network. Please note the new address and contact dates:

European Compost Network ECN e.V.
Im Dohlenbruch 11
44795 Bochum (Germany)
T. ++49 (0) 234 438 9447
F. ++49 (0) 234 438 9448


3rd Baltic Biowaste Conference

3rd Baltic Biowaste ConferenceChallenges for the Implementation of Municipal Biodegradable Waste Management in the Baltic States.

The European Compost Network together with ISWA and in cooperation
with Lithuanian Ministry of Environment organised the 3rd Baltic Biowaste Conference with 150 participants.

The conference  took place on the 23./24. November 2011 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Further information here


Revision of Fertiliser Regulation (EG) No 2003/2003

The EU Commission is going to revise the EU Fertiliser Regulation in respect to include organic fertiliser in this regulation. The revision is supported by an ongoing technical study that aims at collecting information on the EU ferilisers market and at developing and assessing a set of policy options in terms of their possible impacts on human health and the environment. The final draft of this study will be available by mid-November 2011.

Further the Commission intends to set up four technical working groups where all stakeholders are asked to nominate experts for the different working group issues.
The following four working groups will be implemented in 2012.

  • WG1: Overall structure of the future proposal
  • WG2: Nutrient content, Product composition and agronomic efficacy
  • WG3: Contaminants, Hygiene and other Risks
  • WG4: Labelling, Enforcement and Control

The detailed descriptions for setting up ad-hoc working groups in the context of the revision ot the Fertiliser Regulation (EG) No 2003/2003 can be downloaded here.


ECN Annual Meeting 2012

Save the date: 12 June 2012

The ECN Annual Meeting 2012 will take place during the ORBIT2012 in Rennes. The Annual meeting will be scheduled from 16:00 h to 19:00 h on the 12 June 2012.

We would like to celebrate the 10 year jubilee of the European Compost Network ECN with a dinner in the evening of the 12 June 2012.

Further the ECN workshop on “From Waste to Product – Sustainable Management of Organic Resources in Europe” will be held on the 13 June 2012 during the 8th International Conference ORBIT2012 in Rennes.

Further information on the Annual meeting 2012 will be send out at the beginning of 2012.


ECN Workshop 2012

Save the date: 13 June 2012

The ECN Workshop 2012 “From Waste to Product – Sustainable Management of Organic Resources in Europe” will be held on the 13 June 2012 during the 8th International Conference ORBIT2012 in Rennes.

The ECN Workshop 2012 focusses on the current European strategies and policies towards a “Recycling Society” including a sustainable management of organic resources in Europe. 10 years after the foundation of the European Compost Network in Budapest we have now achieved the level where the sustainable management of biowaste forms a sound basis for a resource efficient recycling society which produces and uses successfully fertilising and soil improving products from our organic resources.

Main topics of the ECN Workshop will be the initiatives of European Policy, the status of biowaste management in Europe and effective strategies for the markets of compost and

The preliminary programme will be published here at the beginning of 2012.

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