Membership is available to all persons, companies and organisations interested in promotion of high quality management in biological treatment of waste.

ECN Membership Benefits

The ECN membership grants the following additional benefits:

  • Free, on-line access to organic waste EU country reports
  • Members can collaborate in ECN Task Groups to the evolution of Biowaste Management in Europe and will get the relevant detailed information.
  • Free provision of the digital and printed regularly distributed information
    - ECN News (E-Bulletin Newsletter)
    - ECN Factsheets
    - ECN Status report 2019
    - ECN Statements to important developments in Europe
    - ECN-QAS Manual
  • Reduced rates and participation fees of ECN conferences and workshops
  • Eligible to be elected in the Board of Directors
  • Eligible in voting at general meetings


Application form

Click here to download the ECN Membership Application 2022.

Fee Schedule

Click here to download the ECN Membership Fee Schedule 2022.