Quality Mark

Certification of ECN-QAS

The ECN-QAS label can be awarded in two cases:141105_ecn-qas-certificate-nqao_cmyk-001-141x200

  • as a CONFORMITY LABEL to national quality assurance organisations (NQAO) for compost and/or digestate in respect to Part B of the ECN-QAS Quality Manual.
  • as a QUALITY LABEL to composting plants or digestion plants participating in an ECN conformity assessed national quality assurance organisation in respect to Part C of the ECN-QAS Quality Manual.

The Rules for awarding the ECN-QAS Conformity and Quality Labels and Terms of Use can be downloaded here ECN-QAS rules and terms of use_2015.

The Certification Fee Schedule of ECN-QAS can be downloaded ECN-QAS certification fee schedule_2015.