International Compost Alliance

The International Compost Alliance was formed by Compost organisations from around the world. It is a voluntary partnership to advance awareness and understanding of the benefits and use of compost on a global scale.
The Alliance looks to offer positive solutions for climate change mitigation, soil health and food security, building on years of working collaboration between organics recycling organisations. By pooling expertise and knowledge, the Alliance seeks to maximise the recycling of organic wastes and advance the manufacturing of certified, high-quality compost.
Despite organics recycling being an affordable and proven solution to the climate mitigation and methane emission reduction goals, it remains an underutilised and undervalued technology.

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Founding Members of the International Compost Alliance

Organisation Name Country
AORA - Australian Organics Recycling Association
Mr John McKew
The Composting Council of Canada
Ms Susan Antler Canada
ECN - European Compost Network
Ms Stefanie Siebert
European Union
Cré - The Composting Association of Ireland
Mr Ben Martin
ISWA - International Solid Waste Organisation,
Working Group on Biological Treatment of Waste
Ms Jane Gilbert
Ms Lena Kovac New Zealand
 US Composting Council
Mr Frank Franciosi
CREF - The Compost Research and Education Foundation
Ms Diane Hazard
REA - The Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology
Ms Jenny Grant