Research and Market Development

The area ‘Research and Market Development’ is mainly based on the outcome of the Task Groups in the area 'European Policy' and 'Quality Assurance' and is mainly facilitated  by the TF ‘Communication and Events’.

The aim is to achieve favourable market conditions across Europe for separate collection, biological treatment and use of compost & digestate products. The work is mainly based on sharing knowledge within the ECN members for supporting projects and facilitating guidance on specific topics related to biological waste management and market developments for recycled products from organic resources. The work will focus on preparing ‘issue papers’[1] and ‘fact sheets’[2] between members on specific waste and environmental topics (e.g. options and economic evidence of separate collection, bio-plastics and peat replacement) and as well on developing guidance, how the use of recycled organic products can be promoted with the aim to develop sustainable European market for compost and digestate.

[1] “issue papers” are deemed as an instrument to support discussion within and outside ECN on broad, cross-cutting and/or controversial issues.

[2] “factsheets” are deemed to collect evidence and provide it to third parties in a well ordered manner.