Biowaste Generates Organic Matter

Organic matter in European soils is decreasing. This negatively affects soil productivity. Organic matter contents can be raised by adding organic soil improvers or organic fertilisers.

Recycling bio-waste into compost and anaerobic digestate harnesses natural biological cycles, converting leftover plant and animal residues into useful products that can be returned to the soil.

Compost is the end product of the composting process and is a valuable soil improver as it contains stable organic carbon that can help (maintain and/or) increase the content of soil organic matter. It also contains a diverse range of micro-organisms that form an essential part of a healthy soil ecosystem.

Digestate is the end product of the anaerobic digestion process and is a valuable biofertiliser as it contains, besides organic matter, useful quantities of plant nutrients that can help farmers reduce artificial fertiliser use.

The ECN Fact Sheet ‘Sustainable Use of Compost and Digestate to Improve Soil Organic Matter’ can be accessed here: