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GrowingMedia2021 Online Industry and Policy Day

On 26 August 2021 an online Industry and Policy Day from 8:30 h until 17:00 h will take place. Due to the restricted amount of present participants, we offer a 1-Day registration for taking part online in the industry and policy-related sessions of the conference. 

The day will start with a keynote on 'Biochar as an additive in composting', followed by the session on 'Growing media and sustainable use of resources'. A dedicated 'Peat-related workshop' organised by the International Peatland Society will take place before the lunch break.

The afternoon will start with with the policy-related workshop on the 'EU Fertilising Products Regulation - Opportunities and Challenges to place Growing Media and Soil Improvers on teh Eureopan Market' organised by ECN and Growing Media Europe. We are happy to announce that Mr Jérémy Pinte of DG GROW (European Commission) will introduce the 'Requirements for growing media and soil improvers based on compost and digestate under the new EU Fertilising Product Regulation'. The policy workshop willl end with a panel discussion between the representatives from the industry and the Commission.

Before the conference will be closed with a 'Final summary & conclusions and the award ceremonies' a second session on 'Growing media and sustainable use of resources' giving an overview from abroad will take place in the afternoon.

Please find the full programme of the 'GrowingMedia2021 Online Industry and Policy Day' here.

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