Announcement of EU Policy Workshop

We would like to announce the workshop “Biowaste in the Circular Economy,” which will take place on Wednesday 6 September. The workshop is hosted by the European Committee of the Regions, who have kindly provided their facilities (Jacques Delors Building, Rue Belliard 101, Brussels) for this event.

During the workshop, European policy makers currently negotiating the Circular Economy’s waste proposal will provide insight on the ongoing interinstitutional discussions on particularly the sustainable management of biowaste. Additionally, key stakeholders will provide practical experiences on the implementation of separate collection & organic recycling of biowaste in different European countries.

By participating in the workshop you will gain an understanding of the latest state-of-play of the negotiations, and expand your understanding on the role biowaste plays in achieving a more circular economy. It will also allow you to meet with key policy makers and stakeholders shaping European sustainable waste management.

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Under the Patronage of Dr Babette Winter

CoR Member and Rapporteur of the Circular Economy, State Secretary for Culture and Europe in the Thuringian State Chancellery

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