ECN News 02_2018 published

The second edition of the ECN NEWS in 2018 is published.

We would like to point to an interesting article: ECN member VLACO developed a CO2 tool with a handy app to formulate the average (avoided) footprint, in terms of CO2-equivalents, linked to the use of Flemish compost or digestate. You can find this article on page 8 (Country reports) in the ECN News.

The ECN NEWS No. 02/2018 can be downloaded here.

Moreover the news inform about the following topics:

- EU Policy:

  • Workshop following adoption of the revised waste-package: 9 factors were identified to help member states to implement the transition
  • Revised Bioeconomy Strategy published
  • Agreement on EU Fertiliser Regulation
  • Early Warning Report Issues to Member States

- Publications

- News from ECN
- Country Reports
- Events