EP ENVI Committee: Consideration of amendments

EU Circular Economy

During the meeting of the ENVI Committee on 29 September 2016, the Rapporteur, most of the shadow rapporteurs as well as some other MEPs took the opportunity to highlight a few general areas on which they had tabled amendments or wanted to provide their views.

eu_parlamentWith regard to Article 22 'Biowaste', MEP Bonafè briefly noted the amendments tabled on the removal of the conditionalities 'where technically, environmentally and economically practicable' (TEEP) and setting a bio-waste recycling-target. MEP Demesmaeker and MEP Jávor expressed support for the separate collection of bio-waste, with MEP Jávor explicitly calling for mandatory recycling targets for the bio-waste stream. MEP Pedicini called for an organic collection target by 2020.
Several MEPs referenced the recent developments in the Council, and MEP Bonafè stated that the parliament should therefore stand firm against these efforts to lower the ambition of the package. There was no official decision made to delay the 7 November vote.