EP ENVI Committee stresses the need to sustainably manage land to ensure food security

Soil health is at the centre of ENVI Committee suggestions sent to the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, which is the committee responsible to prepare a motion for resolution on food security and resilience of EU agricultural sector.

The text highlights the need for an ambitious Soil Health Law providing for the accumulation of the organic carbon lost, among other factors, and hopes that the proposal will not be delayed given the urgency of a long overdue framework that ensures soil protection. The ENVI Committee calls for advancements in alternatives to chemical fertilisers and increase self-sufficiency, through already available practices such as compost other sustainable organic fertilisers and agroecology. Among the points made by MEPs, there is also the Reiteration of the objective of at least 25% of the EU’s agricultural land under organic farming by 2030 in light of the proven ability of organic agriculture to produce food without the use of synthetic fertilisers.

The vote on the motion for a resolution within the AGRI committee is now expected on March 22nd.

Here you can access the full opinion at a glance.