EP Intergroup & ECN Policy Event: Compost and Digestate in the Circular Bioeconomy

The report for our online policy event “Compost and Digestate in the Circular Bioeconomy: Healthy Soil for Healthy Life” hosted by MEP Sarah Wiener and organised together with the EP Intergroup on “Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development” is out now! We would like to thank everyone that participated especially the panellists and hosts of the events. Feel free to look up the insightful presentation of the events' key speaker Dr. Jane Gilbert presenting ECN's new Data Report 2022 here.

Please click here to access all webinar documents: the summary report of the webinar, the final agenda, the recording and the power points of the speakers.

Please click here to access the full ECN data report 2022 and here for the summary of the report.