FEW DAYS LEFT: Half-Price ECN Membership 2020

Dear Prospective Member and Compost and Digestate Advocate,

Whether you’re an organisation supporting the sustainable management of bio-waste and the recycling of organic materials; a composting or anaerobic digestion operator; a technology provider for biological waste management or a company selling compost- or digestate-based organic fertilisers, soil improvers or growing media; an advocate or a regulator; a researcher or a solid waste hauler seeing your compost and digestate sector grow -

Now is a great time to be part of the European Compost Network.

We are the leading European membership organisation promoting sustainable recycling practices in composting, anaerobic digestion and other biological treatment processes of organic resources. Not only we are the most respected organisation by European policy makers, but we offer as well different networking opportunities for our members: sharing knowledge on policy developments; guiding implementation of European legislation on national and regional level; providing an European quality assurance scheme for compost and digestate ‘ECN-QAS’ which can be used by member organisations for setting up their own certification scheme; sharing good practices on separate collection and treatment of bio-waste; providing guidance on the sustainable use of compost- and digestate-based products. Last but not least our members help us lobby their countries and regions to use these tools.

Today we are representing via our member organisations more than 4.500 experts and plant operators with more than 45 million tonnes of biological waste treatment capacity in Europe.

Our power is in our membership.

Our vision:
Living well within the limited resources of the planet respecting the organic cycle.

Joining ECN until end of March, Membership fee will be half-price for 2020!

Use the one-off offer to support us by implementing separate collection of bio-waste across Europe as laid down in the Waste Framework Directive.
There is not better time to see what we’re doing and where you can participate.

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