How to achieve high compost and digestate quality?

The ECN is organising a two-days workshop on 14-15 November 2023 in Brussels focused on best practices for producing high-quality compost and digestate. We invite members of the TG Sep Col and TG QAS, as well as all other members, to join us for this workshop.

The event is held in the scope of the BIOBEST project, which aims at the mainstreaming of best practices for biowaste collection and treatment. It will include the following working topics:

  • Compost and digestate production and quality analysis
  • Proposal for EU standards for bio-waste entering recycling processes for high-quality compost and digestate
  • Revision and upgrading the ECN-QAS

The workshop is organized as a hybrid event, but we highly recommend the live attendance of our members for a fruitful workshop and discussion.

If you have an interest to take part, please send an email to