Joint statement on the Importance of Waste Hierarchy

With regard to the ongoing trilogue discussions between the European Council, the European Parliament and the European Commission on the waste proposals, stakeholders fear that the ambitious position of the European Parliament will be watered down by the Council.

Up to now seven stakeholders (including ECN, EEB, ETRA, EuRIC, CEEP, CEWEP and PRE) have signed the joint statement to urge the Council and the Commission to go for better waste management by respecting the waste hierarchy and promoting high quality recycling.
Please find the joint statement here.

The circular economy as a key instrument for reducing climate change

Moving up the waste hierarchy from landfilling towards recycling can significantly reduce annual greenhouse gases. Increasing the recycling of municipal solid waste up to 66 % will reduce of greenhouse gases by appr. 8 %. As the major stream in municipal solid waste, biowaste plays an important role in the circular economy. Besides avoiding greenhouse gases through organic recycling, high quality products, like compost and digestate, can be produced from separately collected biowaste.

Please find the article 'Source separation crucial for quality compost' published in 'wastematters':