Kristel Vandenbroek and Massimo Centemero were re-elected as Chair and Co-chair

We are very pleased to announce our new board. Arjen Brinkmann from BVOR NL is joining the board as a new candidate. Jens Måge from Avfall Norge was re-elected. Additionally Kristel Vandenbroek (VLACO BE) and Massimo Centemero (CIC IT) were confirmed for a further period of three years as Chair and Vice-chair of ECN.

In total, ECN is represented by 9 board members: Jens Måge (Avfall Norge, NO), Massimo Centemero (CIC, IT), Tomasz Wojciechowski (GWDA, PL), Kristel Vandenbroek (Vlaco, BE), Arjen Brinkmann (BVOR, NL), Irmgard Leifert (BGK, DE), Horst Müller (KBVÖ, AT), Susana Lopes (Lipor, PT, not present),  Domantas Tracevičius (NGO Ziedine ekonomika, LT, not present).