Partner Exchange and Study Visits in Castilla la Mancha, Spain

The ECN joined the CORE Project which is part of the Interreg Europe Programme and stands for Composting in Rural Environments. Accordingly, the project focuses on rural low-density territories and aims at leading the process of spreading and mainstreaming the composting of bio-waste.The project is expected to be an accelerator for rural territories to increase composting and the overall prevention of landfilling or burning of biowaste significantly.

To kick off the project, the Project lead RSUSA welcomed the ECN and all the other project partners for the kick-off meeting of the Interreg project ‘Composting in Rural Environments’ from 17-19 April 2023 in Ciudad Real. The visit included a study tour and a thematic seminar for the exchange of community, individual and centralised composting practices in rural areas. The three-day study tour included a visit to the centralised MBT and composting facility of Almagro, to composting areas situated in Cabañeros Natural Park and also examples of urban organic gardens and a composting pilot project initiated by an association taking care of people with disabilities.

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