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Implementation of the proposed changes to the Waste Framework Directive is urgently required to achieve sustainable environmental management systems across Europe. In order to ensure that high-quality secondary raw materials (composts and digestate) are consistently manufactured, clear, unambiguous guidelines are required, mandating the separate collection of bio-waste, without any ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’.

The European Compost Network welcomes and supports the discussion currently underway within the European Parliament [COM (2015) 0595-C8-0382 / 2015-2015 / 0275 (COD)], whereby MEPs are proposing the separate collection of bio-waste by the end of 2020 in all Member States and to set a 65% municipal bio-waste recycling target . This will be of particular relevance to Member States that have yet to meet their biodegradable municipal waste landfill diversion targets; incentives need to be created so that Member States can invest in a sustainable circular resource economy.

The ECN position paper on Circular Economy can be accessed here:

Please find recent publications related to the Waste Framework Directive in the 'Publications' section of our website under the subitem 'Position Papers'.

To ensure that a credible resource policy is established in Europe based on saving primary resources and replacing them with secondary raw materials, harmonized EU waste and product legislation is required. Against this background, ECN welcomes the initiative of the Commission to revise the EU Fertilisers Regulation. After many years of debate, this will finally define EU-wide quality standards for composts and digestate products, allowing these bio-based secondary raw materials to be produced without distorted competition in the EU market as soil improvers, organic fertilisers and growing media. ECN is actively involved in these discussions, and we will continue to follow and influence the ongoing discussions in the Council and Parliament.

The ECN position paper on the proposal for a Fertilising Product Regulation can be accessed here:


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The European Compost Network stresses again that harmonised and reliable criteria...

Please find further publications related to the Fertilising Product Regulation in the 'Publications' section of our website under the subitem 'Position Papers'.