Proposal on Incentives for Composting and Anaerobic Digestion has to be aligned with common practices on Biowaste Management in Europe

The European Commission has launched a public consultation on the draft environmental delegated act of the EU Taxonomy Regulation. ECN reacted specifically to the Annex II dedicated to technical screening criteria that economic activities need to fulfil to be considered as contributing to the transition to a circular economy and thus falling under the EU taxonomy framework.

ECN welcomed the inclusion of the recovery of biowaste through composting and anaerobic digestion as a sustainable activity supporting the shift from a linear to a circular model, yet regrets that some of the criteria laid down in the draft text fall short of considering all the different practices found in the Member States, ultimately leading to lose possible financial incentives for operators.

In particular, we have addressed issues concerning criteria aimed at framing obligations for composting and anaerobic digestion treatments, the transport and collection of municipal waste, as well as the criteria laid down for compostable packaging.

You can read ECN full statement here.