Publications and tools for food waste reduction and calculations

The European Commission published a whole range of resources aimed at supporting stakeholders to reduce food waste at the household level. The different tools and reports are the result of the European Consumer Food Waste Forum, a three-year collaborative effort by the European Parliament, DG Health and Food Safety (SANTE), the Joint Research Centre and various practitioners.

You will find all the resources in the toolkit to reduce consumer food waste. Among others, these include:

  • Online tutorials on how to measure food waste, how to evaluate food waste prevention actions as well as on how to tailor food waste prevention actions for specific consumer groups.
  • Various publications on concrete actions and policy measures.
  • A food waste prevention calculator, i.e. a life cycle model that reveals possible savings in terms of EUR, emissions and other resources.
  • "The food waste action planner" that helps to identify possible food waste prevention measures, both in- and out-of-home.