The ECN will celebrate the World Soil Day on 6th December

Save the date and join the ECN webinar to celebrate the World Soil Day.

The European Compost Network invited the European Commission, DG ENV, to present the updated EU Thematic Strategy on Soil.

During the webinar, our invited panellists will also raise awareness of the benefits of adding compost to fields in agriculture to restore organic matter and soil health. We will present the results of long-time field trials and we will hear from an EU member state to explain how the CAP can support farmers to introduce beneficial practices.

ECN adopted last year a factsheet on carbon sequestration with compost. Regular application of compost allows to store high amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Amongst other positive aspects of compost application which are highligthed in this paper the enrichment of soil organic matter which leads to improved soil structure and a higher level of soil microbiological activity are emphasized.

Official programme and registration details will be provided soon via email to ECN Members, on ECN Website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.