The Netherlands improve their bio waste separation through a new input list

In 2020, a uniform 'bio bin yes/no list' was published in the Netherlands. The list aims to allow everyone a better separation so that less organic waste disappears into residual waste and organic waste remains cleaner.

A large number of municipalities now make use of this overview and communicate it to citizens with, for example, stickers on waste containers, videos on the website, with the waste app, and so on. Personal communication in which residents are addressed about their behaviour is also successful. The aim is to have all municipalities use this list.

The overview can be found here. There is a short list for direct communication and a longer, more detailed list, for reference. Communication materials and other resources can also be downloaded from this website.

When drawing up this new list, the correctness of the content, uniformity, and comprehensibility for the general public were all taken into account.

This article was provided by BVOR NL.