Vlaco awarded first ECN-QAS labels to composting and digestion plants

At the Annual Symposium 2015 of the Flemish Compost and Digestate Organisation ‘Vlaco’ the first composting and digestion plants were awared with the European quality labels of ECN-QAS.

Since the foundation of Vlaco in 1992, Vlaco has considered quality as a key issue. A quality assurance system (QAS) has been put in place, which is obligatory for all professional composting and digestion plants in Flanders. This QAS is based on the principles of integral chain management. The QAS takes into account all aspects of the treatment and production chain, from the acceptance of biowaste, the quality of the treatment process, end product quality up to customer support for a reasoned use. Since 2011 Vlaco is certified under the ECN-QAS ‘The European Quality Assurance Scheme for Compost and Digestate’ and has awarded at the Symposium two composting and one digestion plant, fulfilling the quality criteria for compost and digestate according to ECN-QAS, with the European quality labels of ECN-QAS:

From left to right: Kristel Vandenbroek (Vlaco Managing director); Michel De Preter (IVAREM - Head of waste management), Bart Descamps (Verko - Head of waste management), Rohald Guilliams (Guilliams Green Power - Manager), Stefanie Siebert (ECN Executive Director)