Composting plant Lobau awarded with European Quality Label

At the SusGro 2015 in Vienna the composting plant Lobau was awarded with the European Quality Label by the Austrian Compost Quality Organisation (KGVÖ). The certificate was handed over by ECN Quality Manager Stefanie Siebert and Horst Müller, General Manager of KGVÖ, in the town hall of Vienna.

The Austrian Compost Quality Assurance Organisation ‘KGVÖ’ has become the fourth European Quality Assurance Organisation awarded with the conformity label of the European Compost Network’s Quality Assurance Scheme for Compost and Digestate (ECN-QAS) in May 2015. With this conformity label ‘KGVÖ’ is entitled to award the European quality label for compost to the participating composting plants. The first composting plant awarded by KGVÖ with the European Quality label of ECN-QAS is the ‘composting plant Lobau’ of the city of Vienna.

Since 1991, biogenic waste is recycled by means of open composting at the Lobau composting plant. This plant has an approved annual capacity of approx. 150.000 tonnes and produces compost of the highest quality class “A+” (according to the Austrian Compost Ordinance), which fulfils the quality criteria of the European Organic Farming Regulation. Biogenic waste is collected from green bins and skips located at Vienna’s 19 waste collection centres as well as via green waste collection (trees and shrubs). About 80.000 green bins were installed across Vienna’s less densely inhabited zones with numerous gardens, usually directly on the properties. Only plant matter is collected: tree and shrub cuttings, leaves, lawn clippings, windfall fruit and plants. Waste of animal origin such as meat products, eggs, bones or food scraps are disposed of as residual waste (in case of households) or as the contents of specially designated kitchen waste bins (catering industry). Since 2002 the composting plant Lobau has been certified with the Austrian Compost Quality label of Kompostgüteverband Österreich (Austrian Compost Quality Society, KGVÖ).
Now with the ECN-QAS quality label for compost Vienna is the first capital in Europe producing compost according to the harmonised European quality standard of ECN-QAS.

Further information about the composting plant Lobau:

From left to right: Andreas Baumgarten (Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety AGES), Horst Müller (KGVÖ, AT), Stefanie Siebert (ECN Executive Director), Erich Valentin (Member of the Municipal Council), Wojciech Rogalski (M48, City of Vienna, AT)