Draft report and opinions on Fertilising Product Regulation published

EP Committees IMCO, ENVI and AGRI - work in progress

Besides the publication of the draft report on the proposal for a fertilising product regulation by the rapporteur MEP Ildikó Gáll-Pelcz on 14 March 2017, the ENVI and the AGRI Committee published their opinions at the beginning of February.

Based on the ECN’s position, the European Compost Network will follow-up the debate with the MEPs of the relevant Committees by proposing amendments on the draft report and opinions. The debate is followed on the time schedule below:
IMCO time schedule

  • Consideration of the draft report: 20/03
  • Deadline for amendments: 28/03
  • Consideration of the amendments: 11/05
  • Consideration of compromise amendments: 21/06
  • Adoption of the report in IMCO: 12/07
  • Adoption of the report in Plenary: September 2017

ENVI and AGRI time schedule

  • Consideration of the draft opinion: 27/02
  • Deadline for amendments: 07/03
  • Consideration of the amendments: 10/04
  • Adoption of the opinion: 30/05