Provisional Agreement on New EU Fertilising Product Regulation reached

Yesterday, the members of the European Parliament voted successfully on the proposal on the European Fertilising Regulation. After four trilogue meetings a compromise was reached under the Austrian EU Presidency in 2018. With this provisional agreement it is expected that the regulation will come into force in Autumn 2019.

In the plenary debate the majority of MEPs stressed the importance of this regulation as it opens the European Market for organic and recycled fertilisers and for innovation. Encouraging the use of the recycled organic products contributes to the Circular Economy. Today, only 5 % of organic products are recycled and used as organic fertilising products in Europe. With the adoption of this legislation the farmers will have excess to a large range of fertilisers.

This regulation will support farmers to use more organic fertilisers and this will contribute to the environment. Using artificial fertilisers needs a lot of energy for production. With this legislation we create a win-win situation for farmers, the citizens and the environment. It will support the health of citizens by production of healthier food from healthier soils.

The provisional agreement of this regulation in the European Parliament is a great step forward to realise a circular economy in Europe’ said Stefanie Siebert, executive director of the European Compost Network. ‘The new regulation will open the European market for innovative and recycled organic fertilising products, like compost and digestate. Harmonised criteria and mandatory limits for all fertilising products will make farming more sustainable and will protect human health and the environment.

Please find the final adopted report here.