SOFIE 2019 in Brussels

The first Summit of the Organic and Organo-Mineral Fertiliser Industry in Europe (SOFIE)

On 5 and 6 June 2019 in Brussels will take place the first Summit of the Organic and Organo-mineral Fertiliser Industry in Europe organized by ESPP in partnership with IFS (International Fertiliser Society).

The first Summit of the Organic Fertiliser Industry in Europe will bring together different parts of the fertiliser industry (organic, organo-mineral, mineral) and agronomists. The conference includes the presentation of the new European Fertilisers Regulation by the European Commission DG GROW, and discussion of implementation and new standards for organic and organo-mineral fertilisers.

By bringing together organic and organo-mineral fertiliser producers from across Europe and beyond, this first Summit will enable dialogue on application, product and market development, and aims to help move nutrient recycling towards identifying farmers needs and how secondary nutrients can be processed into forms with a market.

On this occasion, the European Compost Network will present the 'opportunities and challenges of the new Fertilising Product Regulation for placing compost and digestate on the European market'. There will also be organic and organic-mineral fertilizer manufacturers (CEOs, agronomic or development directors), agronomic / fertilizer scientists, legal experts and the European Commission.

More information on the SOFIE can be found here.

The program of the conference can be downloaded here.