Bio-Waste ‘The Valuable Organic Resource in a Circular Economy’

ECN's Factsheet

ECN has been busy over the past year communicating the benefits of bio-waste recycling and improving the quality of information provided to both members and stakeholders. A new factsheet, setting out the benefits of recycling bio-waste, was published during the autumn using the new ECN logo and corporate identity.

factsheet_rahmenThe factsheet describes, in simple terms, what bio-waste is and how it arises. Using a series of concise infographics, it illustrates: the biological cycle and how this interfaces with the circular economy; how bio-waste can improve soils; and the need for quality assurance. The benefits of bio-waste recycling are also summarised and set alongside an estimate of the number of new jobs that could potentially be generated. The final page sets out ECN’s central message that there is an urgent need for a coherent legal framework to promote bio-waste recycling across Europe, coupled with effective quality assurance.

A copy of the infographic can be downloaded from the ECN website: here.