IMPEL – Making the Circular Economy Work

Guidance for Regulators on Enabling Innovations for the Circular Economy

IMPEL, a network of regulators aimed at enforcement and implementation of Environnemental Laws, has published a guidance to support regulators, policy- and law-makers and businesses on how to best implement a circular economy.

A crucial element in the transition to the Circular Economy are the innovations at production and recycling facilities that aim at resource efficiency, the prevention of waste and the use of production residues  or materials recovered from waste as secondary raw materials. A key condition for making these circular innovations work is to better connect policy, law and regulation on the ground.

This guidance aims to help regulators to:

  • Understand the complexity as well as the opportunities in EU  environmental law;
  • Identify how they can organise themselves more effectively;
  • Work more effectively with policy and law makers;
  • Better understand the needs and concerns of innovative businesses.

The guidance also aims to help policy- and law-makers to:

  • Understand the challenges regulators and businesses face in implementing the circular economy;
  • Work more effectively in supporting and assisting regulators.

Furthermore, the guidance can be of use for businesses considering, developing or implementing circular innovations.

The guidance can be downloaded here.