Report on CEAP adopted by the European Parliament

On 8 February 2021 the Plenary of the European Parliament adopted the report with 574 votes in favour, 22 against and 95 abstentions, is a response to the Commission’s Circular Economy Action Plan.

In the plenary debate, MEPs also emphasised that achieving the Green Deal objectives will only be possible if the EU switches to a circular economy model, and that this change will create new jobs and business opportunities. Existing legislation on waste must be implemented more thoroughly, and further measures are needed for key sectors and products, such as textiles, plastics, packaging and electronics, MEPs added.

With regard to bio-waste the Parliament urges the Commission and Member States to ensure that the separate collection of bio-waste, as introduced by the Waste Framework Directive, aims at producing high-quality compost to support soil enhancement non-hazardous chemicals and other products and renewable energy, where feasible and environmentally beneficial;

The Motion of a Resolution can be downloaded here.