Composting and Compost use in Organic Farming

Workshop in Estonia

The European Compost Network and the Estonian University of Life Sciences were organising a seminar ‘Composting and Compost use in Organic Farming’, supported by the European Union “Long term knowledge transfer program in organic farming" on 4-5 October 2017 in Estonia.

With this seminar the organisers gave advice how composting can be done on farms and how compost can be used in organic farming systems. Examples from Austria, Germany and Flanders (Belgium), where composting is done for a long time and experiences with the sustainable use of compost in agricultural systems was shared.

Besides the practical cases the organic farmers were informed about the latest developments on the EU proposal for a Fertilising Product Regulation and the legislative requirements of the Organic Farming Regulation. On the first day the seminar took place in Tartu at the University of Life Science, the second seminar was held at the Ministry of Environment in Tallinn. Both events were visited by around 45 participants.

The final programme can be accessed here.


The presentations are also available in the Publication section of the website (in English and Estonish).

ECN Info Paper
Sustainable Compost Application in Agriculture - English Version of the Summary Report

ECN has redesigned the English version of the Summary Report of a scientific study conducted from 1995 to 2008 examining the influence of compost application in long-term field trials. (see E-Bulletin 10_2017)

The new designed Info-paper is available here.