Joint Statement on CE marked fertilising products proposal

Ahead of the Plenary’s 23 October discussion on the CE marked fertilising products proposal, the European Compost Network (ECN), the European Federation of Waste Management and Environmental Services (FEAD) & Municipal Waste Europe (MWE) has co-signed a joint statement on several elements included in the report as tabled for discussion in the Plenary.

While ECN, FEAD & MWE appreciate the extensive discussions on this file in the EP, the co-signatories regard the following aspects as incompatible with the overall objective to increase the use of recycled nutrients:

  • The contradiction of the definition of waste, and in particular bio-waste
  • The absence of a defined list of input materials for compost and digestate
  • The proposed limit value for lead (Pb) of 20 mg Pb/kg;

ECN, FEAD & MWE therefore call upon MEPs to consider making the necessary changes to these and other aspects in the report, following the suggestions as included in the attached recommendations, in order to fulfil the shared objective of ensuring recycled bio-waste and other secondary raw materials will be part of CE fertilising products.

The joint statement can be accessed here.