Provisional agreement on waste legislative proposals!

Fortunately the Commission, Council and the European Parliament reached an provisional agreement at the last trilogue meeting on the waste legislative proposals on 18 December 2017.

With regard to biowaste we got aware that the negotiation partners (of Parliament, Council and Commission) agreed on

  • Setting an obligation to implement separate collection on biowaste as of 31 December 2023, and
  • Strengthening the provisions on the clause technically, economically, environmentally practicable 'TEEP'.
A final de-brief about the major negotiation items and key outcomes provided by the Estonian Presidency to the Environment attachées of all Member States took place on 20/12/2017.

It is expected that the final text of the agreement will be available in Q1 under the Bulgarian Presidency and agreement will then be expected by COREPER in Q1 as well.