Vlaco participates in HORIZON2020 project ‘NUTRIMAN’

Since October 2018 Vlaco (BE/Flanders) is actively involved the HORIZON2020 project 'NUTRIMAN'. NUTRIMAN stands for 'Nutrient Management and Nutrient Recovery Thematic Network'.

This is a Nitrogen and Phosphorus thematic network of 14 European partners compiling and sharing knowledge of “ready-for-practice” recovered bio-based fertiliser technologies, products, applications and practices for the benefit of agricultural practitioners. The project partners focus on connecting market competitive and commercially “ready for practice” innovative results drawn from high research maturity applied scientific programmes and common industrial practices.  The project brings together innovation actors (farmers, advisors, researchers, businesses, NGOs, etc.) and helps to build bridges between user-oriented applied research results and agricultural production practices.

NUTRIMAN ensures that when the new EU Fertilising Products Regulation law harmonization is reaching implementation status by 2022, the agricultural practitioners already know, have tried and are applying such recovered products in practice.
Until the end of the project time (March 2021) several training materials, abstracts, videos and factsheets will be prepared and published: https://nutriman.net/farmer-platform.

Please find more information about the project (in 8 languages) on the project website: https://nutriman.net/