SOFIE 2019 in Brussels

Will Compost and Digestate be placed on the European Fertilising Product Market?

With the adoption (EP 27/03/2019) of the new EU Fertilising Product Regulation (FPR) compost and digestate from recycled bio-waste can be placed as CE marked fertilising products (organic fertilisers, soil improvers and growing media) on the European market in future. For placing these waste-derived products successful on the European market, clarification, simplification and adaption of the new rules in the implementation phase is needed.

At the first Summit of the Organic Fertiliser Industry ‘SOFIE’, Mrs Irmgard Leifert, the Task Group Chair on Fertilisers of the European Compost Network pointed out the role of bio-waste in the European circular economy and welcomed that with this regulation for the first time EU-wide end-of-waste criteria for compost and digestate have been set. But, regarding several requirements set for compost and digestate in this regulation, reconsideration during the implementation phase has to take place. Otherwise the regulation will miss its goal to boost organic matter recycling from bio-waste within the EU circular economy.

Please find the ‘five-minute vision’ presentation of ECN here.

A more detailed presentation including the implementation work timeline of the Fertilising Product Regulation can be accessed here.